What is your Edge?

In today's world working hard is just not enough! To succeed companies must create an edge by being innovative, creative and competitive!

Check Matrixx strives to be that company and offer innovative solutions that bring a serious advantage to our customers!

Creating an edge by innovation and value is our mission!


Informed Decisions

Make better decisions with a real time consumer view whether litigation data or bankruptcy data Check Matrixx is your partner to success.


 LitScan is the perfect tool to improve legal research, asset recovery, analytics and risk management such as plaintiffs, defendants and probates.


LitRisk is a unique corporate litigation search tool monitoring system. It provides court data on new and/or existing court cases giving access to important court litigation resources by industry.  

a.i. Bankruptcy Pro

AI Bankruptcy Pro: Accurately scan for consumers in current bankruptcy proceedings.  

Pricing that makes sense

 We offer cost effective solutions tailored to your needs. Please contact us for additional information. 


Check Matrixx is a technology data firm and part of legal tech pioneer Premonition that supplies Data to some of the largest fortune companies in the U.S.

Did you know?

Resourcefulness can increase your bottom line!

It’s a competitive world!   

With the industry getting more and more demanding and competitive, lenders will need to be resourceful to keep their profit margins up! 

You might be denying perfectly good payers.

 Understanding your denied leads might be the answer to a great underwriting strategy! 

For example: Is your current underwriting solution denying consumer with bankruptcies that happened years ago? We have seen it many times. 

Would you agree that these might be leads worth looking at?

Low collections rate can have a serious impact on your profitability.

You can increase your collections rates by using internal and external data.  

You can save on your overall underwriting cost!

Do you feel as if your underwriting cost is affecting your bottom line a little too much? New data companies can give you a serious advantage at a fraction of the cost! 

You can lower your first payment/overall default significantly.

Understanding internal and external data in combination with excellent customer service can help you achieve your goals! 

You can automate your bankruptcy procedures through API.

Automation is one of the greatest subject of our times. 

Many wonder when and if automation is productive and how to offer excellent customer service while automating.

Automating bankruptcies might be a good one!  

How much time do your CRS(s) spend on inputting bankruptcies in the LMS?