What is your Edge?

 Being creative can up your profitability!  

Are you using the same standard underwriting/KYC/skip tracing/collections tools as most of your competitors?  

How you choose to use data can give you a serious edge. 

Every underwriting rule, every data component will have an effect on your bottom line. 

One might ask. How can I look at underwriting/KYC in a creative way and use data to my advantage?




Court Scan offers a unique & innovative perspective on fraud; using a large State and Federal court litigation database.


  • Automates bankruptcy processes
  • Flags consumers in current Bankruptcy filings
  • Detailed reporting 
  • Fast response time


Court Scan gives lenders access to a large State and Federal litigation database. 


  • Lower default rates
  • Strengthen compliance 
  • Automation
  • Overall higher profitability 


  • Easy integration through API 
  • Check Matrixx is integrated with many LMS/software provider systems. 


Check Matrix offers competitive proving and quality data. 

In many cases Court Scan may lower overall underwriting cost.*

Did you know?

Resourcefulness can increase your bottom line!

It’s a competitive world!   

With the industry getting more and more demanding and competitive, lenders will need to be resourceful to keep their profit margins up! 

You might be denying perfectly good payers.

 Understanding your denied leads might be the answer to a great underwriting strategy! 

For example: Is your current underwriting solution denying consumer with bankruptcies that happened years ago? We have seen it many times. 

Would you agree that these might be leads worth looking at?

Low collections rate can have a serious impact on your profitability.

You can increase your collections rates by using internal and external data.  

You can save on your overall underwriting cost!

Do you feel as if your underwriting cost is affecting your bottom line a little too much? New data companies can give you a serious advantage at a fraction of the cost! 

You can lower your first payment/overall default significantly.

Understanding internal and external data in combination with excellent customer service can help you achieve your goals! 

You can automate your bankruptcy procedures through API.

Automation is one of the greatest subject of our times. 

Many wonder when and if automation is productive and how to offer excellent customer service while automating.

Automating bankruptcies might be a good one!  

How much time do your CRS(s) spend on inputting bankruptcies in the LMS?