Being creative can up your profitability!  

Are you using the same standard underwriting/KYC/skip tracing/collections tools as most of your competitors?  

How you choose to use data can give you a serious edge. 

Every underwriting rule, every data component will have an effect on your bottom line. 

One might ask. How can I look at underwriting/KYC in a creative way and use data to my advantage? 

Improved Search Power & Detailed reporting

· Detailed reporting

· Access to the largest litigation database in the world.


LitWatch offers daily civil litigation lawsuit monitoring for plaintiff and defendant. Data is updated continuously. 


 LitScan is the perfect tool to improve legal research, asset recovery, analytics and risk management such as plaintiffs, defendants and probates.  

a.i. Bankruptcy Pro

 AI Bankruptcy Pro: Accurately scan for consumers in current bankruptcy proceedings.   


We offer cost effective solutions tailored to your needs. Please contact us for additional information.


 Check Matrixx is a technology data firm and part of legal tech pioneer Premonition that supplies Data to some of the largest fortune companies in the U.S.