Request a copy of your report

All consumers have the right to request a copy of the information reported to third parties. To do so, please email your request to

Request an investigation

All data reported come from nationwide public records and 3rd party providers. However, if you don't agree with the information reported, please send an email to


If you are a victim of identity theft or any other fraud please email and your information will be placed on a Fraud Alert while the investigation is pending. 


How do I request a copy of my report?

You have the right to receive a copy of the information that was transmitted to the lender. Please email to make your inquiry.

What does Check Matrixx do?

Check Matrixx offers consumer data services from nationwide public records.

Check Matrixx will only disclose consumer information to third parties from whom the consumer has authorized the access of its information.     

Does Check Matrixx affect the decisioning of my loan?

Check  Matrixx does not approve or deny any loan applications, nor does it provide a credit score. The information provided by check Matrixx is from nationwide public records. This information may or may not be used by the lender for decisions. Each lender has its own requirements. 

Why do lenders use our services?

Lenders may decide to use information from the public records to determine if you meet their loan requirements.

What is an Adverse Action notice?

You have the legal right to know why your loan request was denied.  The lender has the obligation of sending you a notice in writing including information about your credit reporting or the reason of the denial.  This letter will include the contacts of the company where you can request a copy of your report. 

Who can I contact to understand why my loan was denied?

The lender where you made your inquiry is solely responsible for the approval or denial of your loan application. Check Matrixx does not approve or deny credit applications. For all questions regarding the outcome of your loan application, we kindly advise you to contact the lender. 

Identity theft, what do I do?

Please send an email to and send us a fraud alert. 

Visite to find important resources to guide you on any additional measure that you can take. 

Why was my report requested?

Check Matrixx received a request based on your request to a lender for a loan application.  

How can I opt out?

Simply send an email to and ask to be removed from any screening. 

How can I contact Check Matrixx?

Our customer service team is available; and will answer your email within 24 hours. 

Please email to


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