About Us


FCRA Compliant Solutions

Check matrixx is a data technology company that specialized in court records. Many respected & responsible FCRA compliant credit reporting agencies recently agreed to stop adding liens and judgement to credit reports because they could not update the latest status of the cases. This lead to some consumers having inaccurate information on their credit report(s) which violated FCRA regulations.  Check Matrixx solves this problem by being able to update court records on a daily bases to give the most accurate information available making it FCRA compliant. 


Value of Data

Court Records are vital for underwriting in all areas of financial products from lending to debt recovery. Knowing if a consumer has a wage garnishment, collections lawsuits, liens, judgements, probate, trusts or is in bankruptcy proceedings could affect decisions and outcomes.

"An absolute game changer" 

according to many Debt recovery executives



Check Matrixx operates in the prime and subprime financial markets in the US and is based in Miami Florida.